Tenderlonious | Still Flute


still flute


Song For My Mother 

Isaac's Theme 

Hold Tight 

Journey To Thra 

Still Flute 

Neptune's Mood 

Blue Tender 

One For The Rhodes

The follow up to Tenderlonious's highly acclaimed 2016 mini-album 'On Flute'.

Whether it be jazz fusion with his band Ruby Rushton, Hindustani classical with Pakistani quartet Jaubi or deep house, electro funk and ambient electronica in his solo studio productions, he is a musician who is continuously striving to evolve and push the boundaries of sound.

'Still Flute' continues with that notion, combining his signature live flute and synth work over Detroit house, p-funk, spiritual ragas and ambient sound designs. There are four deep house jams / downbeat p-funk moods / deeply spiritual Hindustani raga / ambient vibes.