Tammo Hesselink | Silicon

Tammo Hesselink



First Supposed




There is One Thing

Tammo - last seen for us on his great Nous'klaer Audio 12" - forwrd underground deepness.

Revealing a more expansive and reflective dimension to his sound, Hesselink produces a varied set of deep tools on Blank Mind’ . Tammo’s sound-design is crisp, unique and organic - built with an instinctive sense created from personally recorded percussive recordings.

'Silicon' is a lethal masterstroke in propulsive minimalism, bridging between broken styles and fluid minimalism, and has already featured across clubs and festivals this summer.

Whilst 'BBR', 'Lesssim' and 'First Supposed' are waking-dream like psychedelic trips. The experimentation concludes with blinding down-tempo roller 'There is One Thing'.