Talking Drums | Vol 6

Talking Drums

vol 6

Label: Talking Drums
Cat No: TD006

Status: Landed

12" Disco Talking Drums


Air Ecosse

Too Yacht To Handle


Talking Drums take us away with them on a trip to sunnier climates…

On 'Air Ecosse', the crew provides an engine overhaul to a middling slice of Scotch boogie, squeezing maximum thrust out of the new beat-y intro before a bubbling bassline and chiming chords provide some serious uplift. The captain takes the comms for a late deadpan vocal, hinting at a little Pet Shop Boys karaoke prior to touchdown in paradise.

The percussion pals kick off the Birkies on the B side, boarding the bateau with a pair of proper harbour heaters. 'Too Yacht To Handle' bubbles along like Mick'n'Keef in disco mode, oozing grooves under a swooning vocal a la Nicolette Larson. A hazy arrangement lets the music play, indulging the instrumental breaks, soaring synths and subtle delays in true 12" Extended Mix style, perfect for peak-time at poolside or la playa.

Dropping the tempo to a sunset strut, 'AORwaves' provides the perfect cool-down, as TD cut back the fat on a forgotten soft-rocker to create a cosmic yacht bomb. Low-slung, sleazy and spaced out, this is gonna rock a bar set and beyond.

Limited Press - Numbered Insert - Drum Fun Guaranteed.