Swoose | Breathe (Incl. Kessler & Peach Remixes)


breathe (incl. kessler & peach remixes)

Label: Feel My Bicep
Cat No: FMB020

Status: Landed

12" Breaks Kessler Peach Swoose Techno




Breathe (Kessler Remix)

Hyphae (Peach Remix)

Deeply euphoric sounds from this Irish producer - the dreamlike floating breaks of "Breathe" is so sweet.

The impact Belfast born duo Bicep have had on Irish music is unmeasurable, capturing the hearts and minds of the next-gen with their future-facing sonics. The label's latest record comes from yet another Irish artist. Swoose, a name that should be familiar to any Irish electronic lover, began his career handing out flyers for the legendary club Stiff Kitten. From here Swoose went on to become a resident of Shine and AVA Festival.