Sunshine Sound | Just Like Heaven (Walter Gibbons Disco Blends)

Sunshine Sound

just like heaven (walter gibbons disco blends)


Just Like Heaven (Walter Gibbons edit)

Happy Today (Walter Gibbons Disco Blend)

Here are 2 Tons of driving disco gospel Edits circa 1980 from NY's legendary Walter Gibbons.

Walter is heavy on the groove with a live turntable mix & intensifies the message with an impactful Edit. These artifacts are a glimpse of the personal Edits & unique creations that came from Walter's Room, highlighting the raw talent of this Disco pioneer.

Label Info:

Take a journey to the dawn of DJ culture with Sunshine Sound, the NY imprint that through a series of genre-defining Disco Edits became recognised as the 'Birthplace of the Edit'.

These 'Disco Adjustments' would become the hottest tracks in a DJ's crate, spawning countless bootlegs & imitations since they first appeared so many years ago.

As influential as these recordings were, most only appeared as acetate discs individually cut in mono & sold direct to DJs.

Some of these were cut in such small quantities it could be debated as to whether they ever really existed at all.

40 years later and all that remains are remakes & rumours... or so it was thought.

Sunshine Sound rises again to bring you a series of classic, legendary & mythical Edits.

Travel back with us to re-discover monumental works that helped shape the sound of dance music as we deepen the textures of history with a series of exclusive Digital & limited Vinyl releases selected from the vault.