Sun Ra | Inside The Light World: Sun Ra Meets The OVC - RSD2024 on sale 8pm Monday 24th April



Calling Planet Earth 

Theme Of The Stargazers 

Love In Outer Space (DX7 interlude) 

Love In Outer Space 

Stardust From Tomorrow 

El Is A Sound Of Joy 

Sunset On The Nile (DX7 interlude) 

Sunset On The Nile 

East Of The Sun 

Satrurn Rings 

Caling Planet Earth (Piano interlude) 


Introducing a musical treasure from the enigmatic Sun Ra's expansive discography - previously unreleased recordings from the year 1986 for the very first time, showcasing a unique chapter in the Sun Ra catalogue, officially released for Record Store Day 2024.

Crafted by the forward-thinking technological innovator and rocket scientist, Bill Sebastian, during the mid-1970s, the Outer Space Visual Communicator (OVC) stood as a groundbreaking invention. Instead of producing traditional sound, this keyboard-triggered "instrument" harnessed the power of light, casting mesmerising kaleidoscopic, multicoloured patterns onto a screen suspended above performers on stage. Ra first performed with the idiosyncratic fractal light projector in the late ‘70s and, in 1986, two grainy VHS tapes surfaced featuring Ra performing ‘Calling Planet Earth’ and ‘Sunset On The Nile’, both accompanied by the OVC’s radiant light painting.

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