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Far Far Away

French Sisaque


2 Different Worlds

Spiritual Ride


Thy Will Be Done

Stalker Turned Electro

James Pennington returns - the dark Detroit master with an album going deep in his electro-break sounds and the more liquid 4/4 "French Sisaque" - His freaky trademark original Detroit techno hooks all over this.

The first album from Detroit pioneer and forerunner Suburban Knight in over 12 years. One of the earliest protagonists in the epoch-defining, landscape-changing Motor City cultural movement, and a card-carrying Underground Resistance member, James Pennington's fingerprints are all over Detroit's nascent phases as he mentored the likes of Mike Banks, collaborated with Kevin Saunderson and appeared on formative Transmat dispatches in the late 80s and early 90s. Preferring a behind-the-scenes role for many years, Pennington has operated in the shadows, only ever releasing music when he's had something to say. There have been long periods of silence in his discography but in recent times he's returned with a series of singles and outings on Mollison Folson & Derrick Lewis's Detroit Techno Records.

'Hi8tus' thrives off its timeless futurist schematics, each one instantly tapping into the deepest of Detroit sources, but doing so without any repetition or covering old routes. Largely breakbeat-based, Pennington pays homage to the electro foundations in a wide range of forward-facing ways; the uncompromising icy opener 'Far Far Away', the hazy soul and dreamy waves of 'Spiritual Ride' and the gnarled, brittle brutalism of 'Stalker Turned Electro' (a nod to one of this most enduring bangers back in the day - 'The Art Of Stalking') map out the parameters of Knight's navigations. In between we have a brooding, pensive moments of tension. The four-to-the-floor prowl of 'Thy Will Be Done', the b-boy swagger of 'Machete', the glacial dark side voyage of '2 Different Worlds', the list of immersive explorations goes on...

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