Stetsasonic | In Full Gear

TBLP 1017-1


In Full Gear

DBC Let The Music Play

Freedom Or Death

Float On

Stet Troop '88!

Pen And Paper

Music For The Stetfully Insane

This Is It, Y'all (Go Stetsa II)



Talkin' All That Jazz

It's In My Song

The Odad

Miami Bass

Rollin' Wit Rush

Celebrating its 35th Anniversary, In Full Gear is remastered for RSD USA. LP x 2, 140 gram coloured vinyl, in a custom printed jacket... Formed in Brooklyn in 1981, Stetsasonic was one of the first hip-hop bands to perform with a full band and to use live instrumentation in their studio recordings. Stetsasonic’s unique sound combines multi genres including R&B, Jazz, Reggae, Dancehall and Rock and is considered one of the first groups to pioneer jazz rap. Their 1988 album, In Full Gear, largely produced by band members Prince Paul, Daddy-O & Wise contains the tracks “Talking All That Jazz” and “Float On”.

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Tommy Boy

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