Sound Synthesis | End Of The Line (In Tribute to Tron)

Sound Synthesis

end of the line (in tribute to tron)


A Side Cut 1

A Side Cut 2

A Side Cut 3

A Side Cut 4

B Side Cut 1

B Side Cut 2

B Side Cut 3

B Side Cut 4

Choice pick from the 15 12" series! (we have been getting a few on special order)

On Electro Records' ''Sci Fi Electro'' series, each artist has created a 15 minute track for each side of the record, taking you from pure electro tracks to very experimental compositions, sounds and atmospheres. Each side is divided in ''movements'' in a continuous morphing process without any pause between different tracks. The series is a collection of seven releases inspired by the following films created in the 20th century: THX 1138, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, The Thing, Akira, Terminator and Tron.