Sons Of Slough VS Primal Scream | Running Out Of Time

Sons Of Slough VS Primal Scream

running out of time


Running Out Of Time (Sons Dub)  

Running Out Of Time (Sons Wreck Mix)  

As part of tici taci's 10 year celebrations, we are proud to present a soundclash between Primal Scream and Sons of Slough. Ian Weatherall takes up the story : -

"I was listening to various Primal Scream tracks a while ago and just kept coming back to Running out Of Time - a bonus track on More Light (deluxe version) - and I just really liked it. I was talking to Andrew Innes and Bobby G and asked if anyone had ever done anything with it, and whether we could have a go - just as a studio project, nothing else. They sent us the parts and myself and Duncan Gray had great fun in the studio doing our thing. We sent the results back to the Primals and Bobby really liked it - he asked us if we'd thought about doing a limited edition 12" release .... and here it is”.

The 12" has two versions of Running out Of Time - firstly a dub version with Jah Wobble inspired bass and plenty of Echodek style action, and then a deep dive version more akin to Crooked man, who the Sons are big fans of.