SMBD ✕ Capracara | Club Ozone

SMBD ✕ Capracara

club ozone


Roubaix Cube

Prowler Report

The Ozone

Brownswood and Sofrito affiliate SMBD strikes up this surprise collaboration with Capracara (DFA, Cómeme,Unknown To The Unknown).

‘Club Ozone’ leads with ‘Roubaix Cube’ and ‘Prowler Report’ — these two, percolating rhythm tracks mix elements of dub, industrial, primitive machine music into two turbulent, house-not-house music rollers. Flip over the woozy, extended NYC-style, dream-house trip of ‘The Ozone’. This is the gem for us - sampling the early 90's NYC house sound (Crazy Frenchman) and sending us into the clouds.