Siraba | Kômo Fôlly (Incl. St Germain Remix)


kômo fôlly (incl. st germain remix)


Siraba - Komô Fôlly  

Siraba - Komô Fôlly (St Germain Remix)  

Beautiful remix of this authentic new African track, you can call it deep afro-house but it's more than that - Class!

Malian and French duo Siraba drop the second single from their debut album on Secret Teachings, ‘Kômo Fôlly’, backed by a rare remix from electronic music icon St Germain.

“Siraba is a unique and expansive project set to merge ancestral music passed down by Malian hunters with electronic-leaning spheres with nods towards the future - unveiling a tapestry of traditional and modern soundscapes as they deliver a tribute to Boubacar’s father, Sibiri Samake”.