Simon Mavin | Good Hair Day / Only You & Me

Simon Mavin

good hair day / only you & me


Good Hair Day

Good Hair Day (Harvey Sutherland Remix)

Only You & Me

Only You & Me (Close Counters Remix)

Simon Mavin well known as the Grammy nominated keyboardist/co-producer and co-writer of the celebrated Australian band Haitus Kaiyote,

The EP, which features two original tracks and two remixes from fellow Aussies Harvey Sutherland and Close Counters starts out was recorded in-between projects at the Grove, a small recording sanctuary in Melbourne. In Simon's studio, he had installed a library of keyboards. 30-40 synthesizers, all of which were painstakingly patched in to be simultaneously accessible and ready to record in an instant. A drum kit in the corner was constantly mic'd up, and everything routed through a multitude of analog mixing desks providing different flavours of tone and texture. The Grove had such appeal that it was chosen as the studio to record the Gilles Peterson compilation 'Sunny Side Up' on Brownswood Recordings.