Shifted Phases | The Cosmic Memoirs Of The Late Great Rupert J Rosinthrope

Shifted Phases

the cosmic memoirs of the late great rupert j rosinthrope

Label: Tresor

Status: Landed

3xLP Electro Reissues of 2023 Shifted Phases Techno Tresor


Solar Wind

White Dwarf

Waveform Cascades

Dance Of The Celestial Druids

The Freak Show

Implosive Regions

Lonely Journey Of The Comet Bopp

Crossing Of The Sun-Ra Nebula

Scattering Pulsars

Alien Vessel Distress Call


"Drexciya Storm 6" some incredible electronic music history on this special repress... Initially released in 2002, soon after James Stinson passed away, this LP plays a mysterious and compelling role in the Drexciya journey and has remained out of press since its release. Newly commissioned artwork from Matthew Angelo Harrison, the 3xLP vinyl reissue also features the tracks Crossing Of The Sun-Ra Nebula and Alien Vessel Distress Call, which were previously only on the original CD release.

Silver pantone art, UV spot varnish sleeve, download code also.