Secret Circuit | Green Mirror

Secret Circuit

green mirror



Phasor MD                                          

Galleon In The Clouds                                  

Green Mirror                                                 


Winding Up                                            

Ripe Ready                                                

Illuminated Knights                                     

Tunnel Vision                                               

Holding Pattern                       


Every Day There's Something New To Say   

Westward Glint                                              

Play Music Now                                          



Light On The Sand                                        

Golden Fluoride                                              

Thawing Stage                                             

The Land Of Modor                                    

The Song Of The Sea                                 

Secret Circuit aka the legend Eddie Ruscha (Good Morning Tapes, Beats In Space, Crammed Discs) is back on Glasgow's Invisible Inc. "comprised of 21 new pieces (80+ minutes of music) recorded between 2020 and 2022. It captures that spacey otherworldly quality Secret Circuit is known for, but the music also veers towards the warmer, ambient textural territories that his recent E Ruscha V and Only Thingz projects explored... an altogether softer sensibility.

Yet nevertheless this album is very much "Secret Circuit". Invisible Inc wanted to explore a side of Ruscha's that hadn't been captured so clearly before, focusing on his more emotive yet at the same time experimental side (is that a paradox?). Very rarely do we hear musicians using modular synths to create something so human sounding, and when juxtaposed alongside slide guitars, live bass and vocodered vocals, we have something very special indeed".

I love [it]...sounds fantastic” Zaltan [Antinote]

“It's beautiful!” Tim Sweeney [Beats In Space]

"The secret circuit sounds amazing" Sean Johnston [Hardway / ALFOS]

“Love the cover” Kim Gordon [Sonic Youth]