Searchlight | Fallen Tree - 1 Hundred


fallen tree - 1 hundred

Label: Searchlight
Cat No: FT1HLP003V

Status: Landed

LP Neo Soul Searchlight Soul


It's Like

We Could Be More (feat. [ K S R ])

Can We Go Back (feat. Tolü Makay)

Sat On A Wall

Line Of Sight (feat. Illaman & Lariman)


Journey (feat. [ K S R ])

Breathe (feat. Tolü Makay)

Out Of Order (feat. PAV4N & Steo)

Afraid Of The Dark (feat. Tolü Makay)


Wonderful new take on a Neo Soul / Broken beat sound... Zero T and Beta 2, moving away from the heavy beats and bass and into the world of jazz and soul. The band was developed with guidance from Goldie for his boutique Fallen Tree 1Hundred label. Their debut album features rising Irish star Tolü Makay and also [ K S R ] who guested on the Children of Zeus album. Class!