Scuba | Hardcore Heaven II


hardcore heaven ii


Safety Traxx  

Feel The Same  

Move Like Shadows  

Tru Love  

Who Knows  


Hotflush continues its celebratory 20th anniversary year with a vinyl-only sequel to Scuba’s Record Store Day UK release, “Hardcore Heaven”.

Part 2 develops the theme . Taking influence from producers like Top Buzz, Nookie, and Foul Play, the familiar collision of hard-edged beats, euphoric breakdowns, and helium vocals gets a Scuba-in-2023 update.

The tracks on this EP add a twist of twisted breaks, early 2-step, and classic broken beat to the mix, as well as some moody vocal rubs and the customary dancefloor flavours.

Red and black splatter vinyl, limited to 500 copies with definitely no represses.