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Sunday's Church

Happy, Sad 

Rose For A Lady 

Señor Baker

Conquest De Mejico

Check this Deep jazz / Psychedelic LP…

This rare and underappreciated 1973 Impulse title, released now as part of the label’s 60th anniversary celebration, features a host of influential LA musicians and was an important element in Impulse’s ‘West Coast contingent’ of the early 1970s. The album’s distinct L.A. sound and energy continue to resonate in modern music circles, from the West Coast Get Down to Carlos Gabriel Niño to Mark de Clive-Lowe. Saracho became disillusioned and left the music business not long after this album was released. Now, his remarkable story and music are re-emerging, ripe for re-evaluation.


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The Verve Music Group

Tags: Jazz, Jazz-funk, Jazz-rock, Latin jazz, Lp, Modal, Psychedelic, Rsd2022, Saracho, The verve music group

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