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Amajovi Jovi 

Student Night 


Lafaki (Doggy Style) 

Party Time 

Amajovi Jovi (instrumental)

Back in… Invisible City with a hot reissue of Amajovi Jovi by Durban’s O.G. kwaito giant, Sandy B. Originally self-released on cassette and a white label 12”, rumour has it Sandy had to remake the tracks from memory because even he couldn’t find a copy! "In its original post-apartheid context, Amajovi Jovi was a sign of youthful subversiveness, rebellious creativity and a neck snapping rejection to the fascist groove of a silenced nation. While the Pantsulla hustler nods to house legends like Jamie Principle and Pal Joey, its hip hop breaks and interludes show a clear affection for Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle. At its slowed down tempo however, this low-fi kwaito masterpiece turns away from its American influence and looks towards Baldelli and his cosmos".

Brown’s third concept album presents a stripped down pure sound subtle jazz to ambience - a collection of songs that have been lovingly crafted. It’s extremely clean, polished without being smooth, with every note laid down with absolute precision. Therefore, it defeats Brown’s purpose of giving his music a rejuvenated feel.

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