Samizdat / Michael J.Blood | Disenfranchised Refuseniks (One Per Customer)

Samizdat / Michael J.Blood

disenfranchised refuseniks (one per customer)

Label: Blood
Cat No: BLDNCLP002

Status: Landed

2xLP Blood Electronic Experimental house LPs of 2023 Samizdat


All My Lifetime - Please Forgive Me Lord

Love In The Time Of Peace - Love In The Time Of War

Same Song

Another Night

Slow To React

I Will Suffer


Final Fantasy

Sending Promises

The Manc undergrowth continues to sprout new nodes on this double album - production by Michael J.Blood, vocals and songs by Samizdat, a real dense cloud of tunes on a tip somewhere between classic Theo Parrish mixes and Actress  - The production is enticing, gritty and real - whole LP with a special experimental feel

The whole samizdat translates as: “We publish ourselves” - that is, not the state, but we, the people. Aye. Whatever DIY means, surely this is it.