S.O.N.S | The Escape


the escape



Sparking Lights

Subliminal Messages


Upside Down


Eternity (feat OCB)

Rite Of Passage

Identity (Shattered Dreams)

8 Tracks in total - no full clips yet - this sounds impressive - pushing boundaries again...

"S.O.N.S first album, The Escape, because we all need to escape in our lives at some point pressed on non-colored, non-180gr vinyl, 2x12inch.

An O.S.T for a movie which does not exist... the story of Anna and her escape from Earth... to planet Seylanide

Including the non-billboard-chart-topping singles Identity (ft. Sun) & Eternity (ft. OCB)

And yes, this time, there are deep pads, emotional landscapes, melodic horizons, mysterious moods, psychedelic soundscapes...

Also included, is an order form to order some mysterious bonus records.

Written and produced in Seoul, South Korea between 2019-2021

Mastered & Lacquer by Matt Colton (Metropolis Mastering)

Additional work on C3. Eternity by Driss Bennis a.k.a OCB

Original cover art by Choi Sun.