S A D | Studia Spiritual


studia spiritual

Label: 12th Isle
Cat No: ISLE-012

Status: Landed

12th Isle Electronic Experimental LP S A D


Vlad Dobrovolski — Far Above The Ground

SAD - Ini Ke Edi

P-SH — Merging Bottoms

P-SH — ++ PM

AFE — Radiance

Ellarald — Unnatural Natural PM

P-SH — Netoa Vi

Brandon Locius Full Swing feat. P-SH — Thunder In Paradise

Ellarald — Riversong

12th Isle special soundscapes... Sit back and take it in.

A collection of recordings from Vasily Stepanov and Vlad Dobrovolski as part of their on-going S A D project (Udacha/Muscut). As part of their process, S A D sample and distort old de-magnetised tapes, constantly adding to and reworking their own sound-world. Layers of kosmiche synthesisers, off-kilter woodblock percussion and lysergic field recordings interplay with dense ambient textures in a true collage-style approach to music-making. Across the nine tracks, multiple collaborations and aliases coalesce to present a thorough look at both artists approaches to communicating the world around them. Drawing influence from nature and the outdoor concerts of Vladislav’s band Kurvenschreiber as well as late-night free jazz shows and a similar ‘hauntological’ approach seen in Dobrovolski’s recent ‘Playbacks for Dreaming’, the pair express a unique genre-traversing attitude.