Ryan James Ford | Ripping EP

Ryan James Ford

ripping ep

Label: PLUR
Cat No: PLUR001d

Status: Landed

12" Abstract Hardcore PLUR Ryan James Ford Techno


Ripping Greg Mike Mix

Soft Boiled

Failure To Appear

Life 1997

Monster Greg Mike mix here - euro tough 4/4 techno with that huge warehouse trancey sound but a classic deep feel... 'Rushing, constructing, experiencing, humanizing, celestial, exploration, excitement, and expansion.' PLUR is the new record label from Ryan James Ford. The inaugural release 'Ripping EP' begins a new path of club-focused tracks from himself and other like-minded contemporaries. PLUR will act as a tool to discover new energy on modern dance floors. Written & Produced by Ryan James Ford Mastered by Alden Tyrell Artwork by Delphine Lejeune.