Rune Lindbaek | Edits

Rune Lindbaek


Label: RLE
Cat No: RLE1

Status: Landed

12" Downtempo House Nu Disco RLE Rune Lindbaek


Freddie's Room

Danza Del Piano

Seiko 1978

Luca Y Camilo

Norwegian Cut-N-Paste maestro treats us to a very limited 4-way of secret weapons from the cupboard of delights...

As ever with Rune, we're going off-piste, but into nevertheless inviting dancefloor territory.

A: 70's cheeser hides in plain sight until the last minute pay off alongside a slick, mid-Eighties Japanese gem on the A.

On the B: another Japanese favourite is reworked for maximum dancefloor derangement while an Iberian throbber finishes us off.