Ruf Dug x Private Joy | Don’t Give In

Ruf Dug x Private Joy

don’t give in


Don’t Give In (Street Soul Vocal Version) 

Don’t Give In (Street Soul Instrumental Version)

Don’t Give In (Reggae Vocal Version) 

Don’t Give In (Reggae Instrumental Version)

Sweet Street Soul sunshine vibes, Apiento leanings...

Manchester’s Balearic synth provocateur Ruf Dug teams up with Private Joy for a sizzling slice of laidback street soul - if the streets were lined with palm trees, that is. Ruffy admits to not having any recollection of making the beat, which adds to the sundrenched, daydream quality. Modulated pads evaporate in the heat haze, while a synth saxophone riff dances on the breeze, all setting the scene for a tropically-tinged marimba and a piano solo that respectfully nods to Vladimir Cosma’s Sentimental Walk. When Gerd enquired about a possible vocal, Ruffy reached out to Private Joy, who sings like the fate of the track was entwined with her own, and it elevates the track to a whole other soulful level. In true ‘90s tradition, Ruffy delivers an alternate reggae mix for the flip, putting an off-beat bump to the track, while the instrumental versions shine a light on Ruffy’s pitch-perfect production, and provide plenty of ammunition for acapellas of all sorts.