Rubio | Licks From The Grotto


licks from the grotto

Label: Kotarak
Cat No: KTR001

Status: Landed

12" Backcatalog oc22 Kotarak Rubio Techno


The Guitar Is A Motherfucker

Water Portal

Zoum Portal

Spread Your Wings Krush On My Ramp

An interesting new imprint gives us these deeper analog techno moves... came to life during two sessions in the summer of 2020. “I was swimming. I was jamming.” Rubio recalls. His studio resides in an 18th-century sea fortress accessible only by water. It’s a suited environment for capturing raw emotive moments. Rubio’s encounters with machines create a pleasant amount of unconventional truthfulness as well as an exhilarating atmosphere. Though enigma hangs 'round his shoulders like a heavy cloak his music is very warm and inviting, like a big wave lifting your feet off the ground.