Rrose | Tulip Space


tulip space

Label: Eaux
Cat No: EAUX1591

Status: Landed

12" Eaux Experimental Rrose Techno


A Row of Cylinders


In Place of Matter

In Place of Mortar

The first solo EP from Rrose since 2019... fierce techno experiments. The opening track clocks in at 133 BPM and is generated from a single distorted kick drum processed and sculpted to form multiple layers of percussion. With the addition of a 909 hi-hat and snare drum, Rrose proceeds to melt the dancefloor without a synthesizer, melody, or chord in sight. "Squared" quantizes the sound of a creaking metal hinge to create a destabilizing psychoacoustic rhythm riding in and out of sync with a throbbing sub bass. On the B-side, "In Place of Matter" is a driving piece of resonant analog synth-led techno that manages to feel intensely frenetic at just 96bpm. The EP closes with a spiraling piece of rhythmic noise that melts into a low frequency stew, a parable for the times.