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Raw Roy of The Ravers analog gear...

Mr Emotinium goes rogue on a new breaks-heavy bop for Acid Waxa, riding a wave of mid-tempo squelchers and industrial-strength gurner-churners, pressed on vinyl for the very thirst time

The tough breakbeats, slippery machine funk and fizzier end of the acid spectrum have always been a predominant driving force throughout most of Roy’s impressive output to date but on his new Fenix Break slab for Acid Waxa, Nottingham’s finest lays the mid-tempo gurner-churners on thick with a trowel and goes in deep on a wild, cement mixer bop.

Employing the use of an old Akai sampler avec floppy discs and the mega-rare Cwejman S2 & Synton Fenix 19 synths alongside his usual acidic apparatus - Roy delivers six heavily-processed 303 sizzlers, recorded straight to tape for added rawness and pressed on to vinyl for the very thirst time, following a sold-out, limited edition cassette version of Fenix Break, released in 2019.

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Acid Waxa

Tags: 12, Acid waxa, Breakbeat, Roy of the ravers

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