Roberta Vandervort & Sally Townes | Roberta Vandervort & Sally Townes

Roberta Vandervort & Sally Townes

roberta vandervort & sally townes


Roberta Vandervort - Stumbler

Roberta Vandervort - Walk Softly

Roberta Vandervort - Let Me Love You That Much

Roberta Vandervort - Hey Now

Roberta Vandervort - Child

Sally Townes - Real To You

Sally Townes - Bright Eyes

Sally Townes - Slow Burning Candle

Sally Townes - Maybe More

Sally Townes - Neon Castles

Los Angeles based Forager Records present a compilation from Roberta Vandervort & Sally Townes. Smoldering jazz-funk, seductive soft rock, breezy AOR, and misty folk, all painting a picture of the worlds little known from their private press releases in the 1970s

To enter the world of Sally Townes and Roberta Vandervort is to be swept away into a dimension of unique sound. Embellishments of smoldering jazz funk, seductive soft rock, breezy AOR, and misty folk, all paint a picture of the worlds which they inhabited; from the endless flat expanse of Dallas, the hot and humid bustle of a Bourbon Street night club, to the late night buzz of a Los Angeles studio session.

While Sally Townes and Roberta Vandervort never crossed paths in our reality, their supernatural union on this compilation feels like the meeting of old, yet familiar friends, set in a parallel dimension with lives intertwined. The songs feel like old friends, too — a comforting time capsule of the popular sounds of the era, yet offering something completely new. Bridged by the striking similarities in their musical confidence, vocal conviction, and boundless creativity, both women encapsulate an uncompromising passion for living, loving, and creating on their own terms.