Rob Mello | Electric Dreams / Oh La La

Rob Mello

electric dreams / oh la la

Label: No Ears Limited 12"
Cat No: NOEARS001

Status: Landed

House No Ears Limited 12" Rob Mello


Electric Dreams (NoEars DUB)

Ohh La La (NoEars DUB)

Rob Mello revives his legendary No Ears moniker for a duo of perfectly crafted dancefloor delights. House music twsited to the deep disco …Pieced together with diligence and more than a little trademark Mello funk, this is up there with his best work.

Rob has been instrumental in putting UK House music on the map since the early 90's. Numerous legendary projects and collaborations, including the enormous Disco Elements series with Zaki Dee, Reel Houze & the exceptional, way-ahead-of-their-time psychedelic Disco / House jams via Sensory Productions and Black Science Orchestra.