RekaB | My Future And My Past EP - more on way


my future and my past ep - more on way

Label: Yore Records
Cat No: YRE-050

Status: Landed

12" Deep House ReKaB Techno Yore Records


Soulful Season 

My Future and My Past 

Raw Note 

Bad Nights Better Nights 

Warm electronic class from ReKab.

“Tradition is a big part of the ReKaB sound. Classic timbres run through all the tracks, but what James does so well is how he deploys and contrasts the elements. Piano chords layer late-night soul over syncopated bass. Comforting strings and ethereal pads upgrade your consciousness while your body remains rooted by Techno City square waves. Call and response between acid lines and synth patterns feel like the machines interact, whilst the ever-present 909 thump adds the all-important dance floor framework.

Throughout the whole EP, ReKaB shows deep knowledge and respect for the art form, proving he is no less than a master of the craft.

Strictly limited to 250 Copies worldwide.