Red D | Red Basics 3 & 4

Red D

red basics 3 & 4

Label: Red Basics

Status: Landed

12" Backcatalog oc22 Deep House Red Basics Red D


Track 3

Track 4

Straight up Basics! Belgian underground DJ/producer Red D continues his solo Red Basics quest with the second release in this series in which he explores a variety of sounds that make him tick, always drawing inspiration from his favourite city: Detroit. The A-side travels to the heartland of classic Detroit deep house, taking in deep chords, a pitched-down vocal sample and the subbest of bass antics making for a groove that can be enjoyed both on and off the dancefloor. On the B-side the melancholy of the continued longing for better days prevails, delivering a cut to make you think and sway at the same time. Electronic music for your mind, heart, body and soul.