Rai Scott | Anahata Nada

Rai Scott

anahata nada


Logical Positivism

Track 4 Inspired

Serendipity - Open Your Eyes

Serendipity - Open Your Eyes (Rai Scott rework) 

Anahata Nada 

Ethereal early hours house...

For their first installment, the Chateau Chepere crew brings a diverse EP from ambient house maestra Rai Scott.

Opening the EP is 'Logical Positivism', a deep, driving and cinematic nod to the forest dance floors of the late 90's. On 'Inspired', Rai brings the club in an introspective, melancholic mood. Slower, steady beats with rolling percussions and dreamy pads to shroud the dancers. Picking up the pace is 'Open Your Eyes', a warm, bitter-sweet piece of house from her own alter ego Serendipity. The club friendly 2021 rework shifts into an early morning vibe, while keeping it deep and moody. Closing out the EP is the title track 'Anahata Nada', a gorgeous, warm piece of ambient for the chill rooms.