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Triumph Of The Gods (Prins Thomas Remix)

Triumph Of The Gods (Richard Norris Remix)

In 2019 they released their long-lost LP ‘I Feel How This Night Should Look’ featuring for the most part a collection of unreleased material written and recorded over a decade ago. Two of the tracks had made it out ahead of the album with a life of their own; a self-released EP that featured ‘Above the Clouds’ and the 10th Anniversary of Phonica which included ‘Triumph of the Gods’.

Here Psychemagik revisits the latter with brand new remixes from Prins Thomas and Richard Norris. Thomas stays true to form with a percussive, glacial take that vibrates around the existing arrangement composed by Richard Chester at the infamous Air Studios. Whilst Norris ups the psychedelia pulling on Renate Staal Nygard’s stunningly melodic vocal accompaniment.

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Tags: 12", Alex downey, Backcatalog oc22, Downtempo, House, Prins thomas, Psychemagik, Richard norris

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