Processman & Cady | Adupe / Sou Baiana

Processman & Cady

adupe / sou baiana



Adupe (Jkriv Remix)

Sou Baiana (Extended Mix)

Sou Baiana (Dicky Trisco Remix)

Processman along with Cady are from Salvador, Bahia. A passionate and talented musician, he has played in a number of bands in his city, which is famous for artists such as his heroes Gilberto Gil, Joao Gilberto and Jorge Amado.

Fast forward to when Dicky Trisco was passing through Salvador after playing the magnificent Mareh festival in Bahia. Processman drove Dicky and a group of friends to local hot spot Pelourinho, and the first track he played in the car that night was 'Adupe'. Dicky was blown away by the track. The brilliant Brazilian percussion, the beautiful layered vocals, the spiritual, synth boogie-laden vibes and those delightful melodies. He was absolutely hooked. The second track Processman played was 'Sou Baiana' and a record deal was already a sure thing. They hadn't even made it to the bar yet.

A year later and the release is ready to let loose its magical, spiritual, boogie-laden vibes.

NYC Brazilian aficionado JKriv, the perfect choice for a remixer for this sound, has delivered an essential, cosmic disco dub of 'Adupe’.

While Dicky Trisco takes on 'Sou Baiana', stripping it down and pumping it up into a truly rocking dance floor bomb. Modern Brazilian Disco. A truly International sound.