Priori & Al Wootton | Flaw EP

Priori & Al Wootton

flaw ep

Label: Trule
Cat No: TRULE022

Status: Landed

12" Al Wootton Deep Techno Dub Techno Priori Techno Trule


The Bell With The Wooden Tongue



Mud & Exhaustion

Priori and Al Wootton combine efforts on FLAW, a 4 track EP of psychedelic workouts combining maximal dance floor elevation and evocative world building.

Intricate, shuffling percussion, bubbling, tweaking, acidic synthesizers and heady sound design come to the fore. The mood is heavy, yet propulsive. The burden of penitence and the desire to atone.

On this tightly cohesive EP, both producers exert their unique styles and weight of production experience, while aptly channeling the strange grace in the mud of the world.