Prince Rakeem | Ooh I Love You Rakeem

Prince Rakeem

ooh i love you rakeem

Label: Tommy Boy
Cat No: TB 968-1

Status: Landed

12" Hip Hop Prince Rakeem RSD2023 Tommy Boy


Ooh I Love You Rakeem (Baggin' Ladies Mix)

Ooh I Love You Rakeem (Baggin' Ladies Instrumental)

Deadly Venoms (Vocals Up)

Sexcapades (DMD Mix)

Sexcapades (Wutang Mix)

Sexcapades (DMD Radio Mix)

Sexcapades (DMD Instrumental)

Sexcapades (Wutang Instrumental Mix)

Record Store Day 12"... Rza's first record It's not terrible either! 80's sex rappin' retro and inappropriate for today's sounds.

In 1984, Robert Diggs, now known as RZA, formed a rap group with his cousins Russell Jones and Gary Grice.