Pol Rax | Pol Rax 2000-2010

Pol Rax

pol rax 2000-2010


Dla Ciebie

Rock Your Video

Goraco (feat Julee)

78 Km/H

Zatrzymac Sie (feat 4Letters)

Szal Sezonowej Mody (feat Nice2mU)

Za Pozno

Full Of Shame (feat Nice2mU)

TVPC are very happy to present - for the first time on vinyl - a collection of the finest ambitious synth-pop and modern Electro-House hits from Pol Rax...

The artist's recordings from the year

s 2000-2010, including the ultra-hit 'Dla Ciebie' 8 tracks recorded in the first decade of the new millennium - some of them are released for the first time, others have so far lived to see only digital editions (by Seek Records), and only 'Dla Ciebie' was released earlier on CD (by the famous French label Kitsune).

For a long time single tracks of Pol Rax were available only on YouTube, and after releasing those few tracks mentioned before, the artist from Wroclaw put the synthesizers aside and retreated into the shadows.

It was then that - as Eltron aptly put it - "a legend was born".

This album, played and sung entirely by Pol Rax and a few guests, is not only electro bangers for the disco. It's also ambitious (synth)pop that definitely deserves to be played often on the radio. There are some hits on the album, but there's also the sensual 'Goraco' with guest appearance by Julee, or the melancholic 'Zatrzymac sie'.

Pol Rax himself mentions among his inspirations (for the music, but also for the lyrics he writes) the new wave of the 80's, the raw pop of early Bajm or the synth sound of Dwa Plus One.

These sources can be perfectly heard in his music, but there is also something else - sometimes a bit of French touch in the spirit of Daft Punk, other times minimal wave or boogie funk.