Poetic Justice | Soul Supreme

Poetic Justice

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Pulling Back the Curtain (Intro)

Dues and Dont's

The Wait

Fraud Fades

Suit Up

Mood Swings

Mono Pro Bono

The Oath

Taking the Stand

All Rise


The Appeal

Loyalty over Royalty

The Wait (Pt. 2)

No Clouds on a Sunny Day

The Wait (Pt. 3)

I Rest My Case

The colorful sonic palette of Poetic Justice actually sprouted from a dark place: an ongoing battle with an independent label to reclaim his master rights—even today, "Industry Rule #4080" is still in full effect.

Poetic Justice features Soul Supreme's biggest line-up of guest musicians to date: including drummer J-Zone, bass player Glenn Gaddum Jr., Gallowstreet's Jeroen Verberne, and Radiohop's Johnny Biner and Euan Jenkins. With Soul Supreme himself on his trusted set-up and a newly added Clavinet, his melting pot of jazz-funk, hip-hop grooves, soulful cuts, and library funk sounds richer than ever before.

"I have decided to create a positive outlet for what is a very negative event in my life," he writes in the announcement of Poetic Justice. "I wrote music that reflected how I feel going through this process. No matter what the legal battle results in—I know I have made something beautiful and honest from this terrible experience. At least for myself but hopefully for others to enjoy it as well".