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GCP (ELLES Gotta Chase Paradise Reshape)


Condor (Psychederek remix)

GCP gets the party started and instantly takes you to 4 am at Barbarellas Discotheque with stacks of throbbing-ness & pumping, laser reaching vibes whilst the boys take you down a wormhole of electronic music pleasure. Condor jumps ships from Barbarellas & hotfoots it over to Berlin to sweat it out in the basement with only a smoke machine for company and tons of ravers. Pulsating synth surfs across a chubby bass with some cosmic stabs. The remixes don't disappoint

Elles totally flips the script on GCP and turns in a hazy, broken beat style electro groover with a full vocal giving it the sound of a lost track by A Certain Ratio.

Psychederek takes the 'make sure to go really wonky!' advice with his full-on acid tinged psych wig-out rework.