Paul Hierophant | Utopian Dystopias [Part 3]

Paul Hierophant

utopian dystopias [part 3]


Utopian Dystopias

Neptunes Oceans: Beneath The Ice

Saturn [Plant43 Remix]

The Grey

Returned Signal - Saturn To Prometheus

Voices From The Diaspora

Returned Signal [Carl Finlow Remix]

Martian Engines

The Utopian Dystopias trilogy to come to a close . "Paul Hierophant's hardware made music drawing from scenes of far away and desolate planets in the cosmos. This is deep and emotional music resonating with tales of interplanetary life, the diaspora, broken dreams and most importantly a hope for the future" Plant 43 and Carl Finlows step up for quality interpretations 2x12" special Purple / pink Splatter vinyl.