Patti LaBelle / Braxton Holmes | Get Ready (Looking For Loving) (Braxton Holmes Edit) / Supreme Beats

Patti LaBelle / Braxton Holmes

get ready (looking for loving) (braxton holmes edit) / supreme beats


Patti Labelle - Get Ready (Looking For Loving) (Braxton Holmes edit) 

Braxton Holmes - Supreme Beats

Warehouse find.... Back in 2019 Braxton Holmes released his version of this edit - was also on a Nuphonic LP in 2000 but maybe by someone else then - made famous by the legend Ron Hardy and features on many of those old lives tapes, this is a remake of the edit from the Music Box days. Takes the song and flips it mid way going into a wild acid induced disco moment

Flip for the very simple but totally perfect "Supreme Beats" deep djs lofty style work out .