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Flight Fantasy

My Belgian Mistress Always Surrenders

Piu'rified Consciousness (Noconformist)

A Passport To A Future Past

Eye C The Deep Frequecies Of Life In Acid Major

Progressive Sluts Bow 2 The Power Of Drex Sex

Recieve This Atlantic Activation With Pure Dedication

The Color Of A Neon Scene In Bliss

Welcome To Your Terminals...It's Time

Jazzual Sex (Now Boarding Flight 808)

Origamis In Extravagant Space (Eye Seek The Lucid)

Deep Sea Dishes Deluxe (Nasty No Mask Edit)

Deep soulful house 2LP , but more larry heard influenced type than straight deep - sounds class... with bleeps and some oddities thrown in. A collaboration between George BTP aka Dan Piu and Roger Verse. Written and produced in Arkansas, Zurich Switzerland, and St Louis Missouri.