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Seabrain (Quiet Village remix)

Wandering Frames (Luca Lozano remix)

Panoram’s vivid and eccentric new album“ gets the remix treatment by Quiet Village and Luca Lozano

Matt Edwards’ and Joel Martin’s Quiet Village project can’t be beaten when it comes to meandering, prolix and cinemascope-styled tracks and remixes (see their Allez Allez African Queen one for further notice). Thus, their version of "Sabrina“ is an 11-minute long interpretation. Propelled by ocean travel transmissions, deep-sea fantasies, sonar tones and a bubbling bassline, it’s the finest piece of submarine house and feels like a long-lost cousin to Link’s Amenity (we take a bow). Addictive and refreshing.

Wandering Frames follows a similar path on the desk of Luca Lozano. But instead of the abyssal-benthic zone, he takes it higher up in the air. Sitting comfortably on little fluffy clouds, reinforcing the UK bleep continuum and adding skippy beats, Lozanos remix appeals to mid-tempo hypno house vibers, slow-motion b-boys-girls and ecstatic dance fans alike. Peak time can have many hours.