Osunlade | Malcolm Bliss


malcolm bliss

Label: R2 Records
Cat No: R2037

Status: Landed

12" Deep House House Osunlade R2 R2 Records


Who Kicked The Trash Can!

Roll Like Thunder

Earth Bound

Beets On Toast

Osunlade supplies four tracks with his unique and distinctive blend of meditative, ambient, circular, electronic house to ease any troubled mind…  Very much tracks with a loopy beautiful repetition vibe

Malcolm Bliss was a physician, dentist and university lecturer responsible for the creation of the first psychiatric hospital in Osunlade’s home town St Louis in 1939.

In 1981 Ronald Regan abolished the Mental Health Systems Act leading to 40,000 beds in mental health institutions being lost. The result was an increase in homelessness and imprisonment, beginning the transition of the health system to the justice system where it remains today. Malcolm Bliss Hospital was closed in 1991.