Orpheu The Wizard | The Sound Of Love International 005

Orpheu The Wizard

the sound of love international 005


Drawing Future Life - 1969  

Ruutu Poiss - Ihatsin  

Digital Distortion - Mellow Bug  

French Audacity - The Final One (feat. Valerie)  

DJ Spike - Gaps In Space  

Interdance - Kurz  

Bad Behaviour - Living On Smoke (Edgware Mix)  

Frequency - Systematic Input  

Diffusion - Lushes  

M.F.A. - Blue To Be Happy  

R.I.P. - E.O.Pan  

Mad Professor - Oh Hell  

Interesting comp of electronic gems and oddities 80s-90s and beyond, trippy and Balearic edges…

Orpheu the Wizard has a magic touch at finding records that fall between the gaps in music - oddities, curios, the weird, the wonderful. But that's just half the trick. It takes a sensitive and selective ear to construct a coherent, accessible narrative from them. So you get DJs who can play for the crowd and "selectors" adept at mining the black gold. In Orpheu, you've got yourself someone who can do both. On a festival main stage, he can keep it weird enough for the heads. In an audiophile setting, he'll keep the flow.

These skill sets come into play on the fifth The Sound of Love International compilation. Jumping between genres, decades, continents, the truly rare, and many B-side cuts that passed you by. But never eclecticism for its own sake; this collection makes sense. Orpheu never loses sight of the listener - he's a friendly and knowledgeable guide to the cosmic outer reaches.