Nonna Fab | Rough Culture EP (ft Ruf Dug remix)

Nonna Fab

rough culture ep (ft ruf dug remix)


Party People

Rough Culture

Rough Culture (Ruf Dug Remix)

Booty Side

Higher Spaces

Strong Proto-house flavours straight to your ears by way of Sheffield for the newest offering on Feelings Worldwide. Spacious dubby discop and more firing 4/4 house dubbed out trips , definitely on the cosmic side.

Part of soundsystem collective Apricot Ballroom - DJ, producer and dab hand on the keys - Nonna Fab steps up .. Taking you on a cosmic trip reminiscent of heady Paradise Garage-era NYC with four original tracks brimming with piano stabs and epic groove.

Fellow Northern dance music devotee and top producer Ruf Dug completes the release with a remix of title track Rough Culture.