Neddy Smith | Give It Up / Liberated Woman

Neddy Smith

give it up / liberated woman


Give It Up

Liberated Woman

Best Italy reissue on this very rare and sought-after boogie, soul/funk song - a sweet male vocal groover from 1982 installing good feelings!

"Give It Up" is one of the best, coming from the legendary Delirium Records. Neddy Smith's goal since he emigrated from Jamaica to the States as a young man has always been to play bass behind extraordinary artists, inspired by musicians like Ernest Ranglin, Ray Brown, Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock. Bassist and interpreter of unparalleled brilliance, composing and arranging "Give It Up" and "Liberated Woman" has also proved himself to be a well-rounded musician and songwriter with his own consolidated energetic musical style matured in a level of inspiring proportion. His music is filled with urban dance and funky beats that coupled with a reggae guitar hit hard with a pulsating beat that makes anyone dance. "Liberated Woman" is similar to "Give It Up" although the bass is not as aggressive, yet both titles are of a unique quality and melody. True pearls of Neddy Smith, fabulous artist with a vibrant voice and an unmistakable, rare and classy sound, perfect for funkyman and also for the whole dance floor.