Neal Howard |  Indulge / To Be Or Not To Be (Black vinyl)

Neal Howard

indulge / to be or not to be (black vinyl)


Indulge - Original Mix

Indulge - Deep House Mix

To Be Or Not To Be - Bad Boy Bill Mix

To Be or Not To Be - MayDay Mix


Network’s 30th Anniversary celebrations continue with the re-issue of the debut release from the iconic label. Neal Howard's “Indulge” in 1990 caused a sensation, with the track being instantly acclaimed as a Classic
..hails from Chicago, but sounds like its’ DNA is Techno City Detroit.
A futuristic call to dance from Windy City mystery man Neal Howard, whose previous releases “The Gathering” and “To Be Or Not To Be” had already reached cult status. Those gems, and “Indulge” were recorded by Chicago label Phuture Sound. Plans were being laid for the transformation the Kool Kat label - the UK outlet for Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May and Juan Atkins - into Network, but the dilemma was finding something “really really special” for the first release. That search ended when Neil Rushton heard the just mixed “Indulge” on a cassette played by Phuture Sound boss Terry Baldwin - here the original promo is replicated - White vinyl version.