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Journey To The Peak

Love You More

Brother Of Mine (feat Vanessa Freeman)

Brother Of Mine (feat Vanessa Freeman - Volcov Tea & Biscuits version)

Repressed!   Saxophonist and producer Nathan Haines is back on Neroli after that Chaos in The CBD collab with something extremely special and very dear to all at Neroli: a collection of songs created with our beloved Phil Asher RIP...

Some jams were fully done together and others were started and completed by Nathan after Phil sadly passed away. All done with love with the help of more of Phil’s friends and regular collaborators like Mike Patto, Vanessa Freeman and Toni Economides. Soulful house cuts, jazzed edge of course.

Let Nathan guide you through this precious EP with his unique and unmistakable sound.

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Tags: 12", Deep house, Nathan haines, Neroli, Phil asher, Soulful house

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